The Disney Girls

five girl best friends

This is a chapter from a book I wrote in 2008. I was inspired by one of the books in the Disney Girls series.

Chapter 1: The Disney Girls

It was a dark, rainy morning on July the 5th in the year 2008 in Toronto, Canada in the living room of Josh’s house while his parents were away.

They sat on a couch except for the group leader, Liz. She sat in a chair in front of them staring in space. They were planning to welcome a new member. They had just had one two days before (Josh). They were a secret group and no one (no one at all) knew they had magical powers but they had a problem they couldn’t solve, they didn’t know what the purpose of their powers was nor knew how to control them.

Liz discovered her powers first in the group in a surprising experience. Here is the story:

She was being bullied at school for her lunch money three months before when she attempted to hit the bully. Her eyes glowed and heat came out, made contact with the bully and he ran screaming for his mother straight to his class. She fainted after seeing what she had done and woke up the next morning in the hospital. She questioned her parents about what had happened and they explained that she hit the bully and he ran away. She explained to them that that was not so and she had burnt him with her heat vision but they didn’t believe her. They laughed. She told her friends and they thought she had amnesia. Ariel said, “You need some rest. You hit your head and now you’re going crazy.” “No, I was not dreaming. Other kids were there and witnessed. You can ask them what happened,” she explained to them. When the children who witnessed were asked what they saw, they kept quiet. Ella believed her but she didn’t want to say anything because the others would say that she’s crazy. The next day, she was discharged from the hospital. She tried to remember what happened but her memory was lost.

Josh’s house

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