letters spelling out the word love

I wrote this poem in 2012. I was inspired by a book with poems written by teenagers.

I want you to know that I love you

Te amo, I could say it like that too

That 4-letter word must be why I write my feelings on this page

And surely not because of the 4-letter word, rage

You hold a special place in my heart

I want to lock you in that part

Then I’d throw away the key

Because that’s where I want you to be

I want to have your last name, so you’ll be a part of me

I think that’s how it should be

I want you to be mine

Boy, you’re worth all my time

I’m already all yours

I want to be your first

Because of you I’ve had the best feeling of my life

Maybe one day I’ll become your wife

I might have messed up the last time

And the fault might be all mine

So I guess I am to blame

But I’m willing to make it better and start over with you again

Lessons have been learned and memories made

The memory of us meeting will never fade

You’re sweet, caring, funny

Respectful, gentle and cute as a bunny

It’s been 17 months and I haven’t gotten over you

Being with you might be the best thing to do

If loving you could kill, I’d be dead

But I’d rather kiss you, hug you and hang out with you instead

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